The Video Floor Company

Based in London, The Video Floor Company is the UK’s leading high resolution video floor hire company. Combining state of the art technology with innovative design we create eye catching installations - adding the WOW factor to any event! Our skilled team have a wealth of experience in the events industry, from the design and planning stage all the way to the execution of the event.

The Video Floor


The Video Floor is a 50 x 50cm modular video display designed for placement on the floor, walls and ceilings. The Video Floor’s durable interlocking structure can withstand up to 1280kg per square metre - even a car can drive on it.

With a 170 ° viewing angle the floor is visible from virtually any position within the venue. Designed for graphic animation, the Video Floor provides a beautiful video-rendering image. The floor’s high resolution allows for displays up to 32x24m.
Each tile uses 60 watts of electricity and cables are run underneath the dancefloor - keeping the wiring invisible.