Video Dancefloors

The Video Dance Floor is capable of displaying high resolution videos and images - creating magic moments and bringing life to any event. Each LED within the Video Floor has an output a range of 16.7 million different colours. This makes it one of the brightest and most colourful products in the industry. No other dance floor is as versatile or as advanced.

Video Bars

Bring your bar to life and treat your guests to an immersive drinking experience with our Video Bar. 

Video Walkways

The Video Walkway is a multi-sensory experience designed to capture guests’ attention and take them on an immersive journey. Connecting multiple areas of an event together. the Video Walkway adds an unforgettable live element.

Video Step & Repeat Banners

The Video Step and Repeat Banner is a publicity banner designed for event photography. It is a powerful branding tool that allows your guests to have their picture taken with your brand and video as the backdrop.

Video Exhibition Stands

Maximum promotion of your brand is more vital now than ever before. With ever-increasing competition, internationally and at home, you need a powerful solution to leave your clients with a striking impression.

Video Entranceways

Make a striking impression from the moment your guests arrive. Having been used to great success at launch parties, the Video Floor is a great way to make your event memorable from the start.

Video Catwalks

WOW your guests and capture their hearts with the Video Catwalk - the perfect stage for your fashion show. Models can walk over water, or walk through the clouds - with the Video Catwalk there are infinite possibilities. 

Video Backdrops

Our Video Backdrop offers a stunning display of images, videos and motion loop graphics - providing the atmospheric and stylised background to any event.


Video Welcome Mats

Welcome your guests in style! Designed for placement at the entrance of the venue, our Video Welcome Mats not only catch the attention and imagination of guests arriving but also that of those passing by.